July 2002 8x11 from sketchbook. This is a product of insomnia one night & was originally another "Jennifer" piece but just evolved into her. I think I just found my next muse. Finally, someone that will get the "creative juices" flowing again.


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nihm 12 Sep 2003

Very nice job. I like the shapes you used. The lips and eyes are just right.

Sarah-Lynn Brown 17 Jul 2003

Mark, Your work is pretty good... I work in a 10x15 area of a 11x17 sheet of Bristol paper (as how the pro's do) I can do 1 - 2 pencil pages a evening, 3-4 if I'm really going. Inking takes a bit longer. Check out Marvel's EPIC site, they have a lot about how books are made, hints, etc. Epic is currently taking submissions.

Sarah-Lynn Brown 17 Jul 2003

Mark, I use 11x17 Bristol paper and draw in a 10x15 area. I typically can draw 1-2 pages a night, 3-4 if I'm rolling. Finalizing the pencils and inking will take longer. I constantly look at the script and fuss with panels. Check out Epic's website... they have alot of info on the things you are asking.