Collateral Damage


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Jan 2009

Sad but true ... good one

joel zelikovitz 15 Mar 2007

i assume these are the hezbollah rockets streaming down on northern israel that started the Lebanese war.

Artist Reply: NO they are USA hezbollah rockets streaming down on Iraq, and anyway Israel started the Lebanese war. and not hezbollah rockets.

Siti NURIATI 25 Aug 2006

Great job, Hisham!

Marcelo Romero 13 Aug 2006

as we see the horror in Lebanon where the atrocities of the israeli army against the children who are brutally killed everyday in that country. This picture created by you becomes more and more necessary in a world ruled and dominated by a bunch of cinical and greedy imperialist like george Bush.thank you Hisham Zrake.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Aug 2006

this is the minimum of what I feel, what lebanese people feel right now,but I wish u mention some hope and faith in the child face,cause tere is always a place for hope when you believe in your country,in God,and in your rights...thank you my friend...ghada zoughby

stephanie atlee 10 Aug 2006

very dark and disturbing with a strong message...thought provoking indeed.

Carrie Barden 09 Aug 2006

A well constructed, nicely balanced and thought provoking piece. Thanks for sharing it.

thea walstra 09 Aug 2006

Marvellous work

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Aug 2006

The empty chair, the TV, the remote, the shadows made me feel how little have we the people have been doing. I do feel that we have been moved to the side as passive viewers just like your shadows.Excellent work

Jo Glasscock 09 Aug 2006

very profound piece gives new meaning to "a picture is worth 1000 words" awesome job

John Larkin 08 Aug 2006

I like it. Everything has a shadow except for the people who are not there. There shadow is on the wall meaning there dead! Very possitive and George bush looks good in clown make up. It's a mess this war that is leading up to WW3- but lets go to the dessert and have a real good time.... B.Y.O.B's.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 08 Aug 2006

Sorry Hisham! That's me down below. I wasn't signed in. Regards from Rusty

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Aug 2006

Hello Hisham! How are you? Thank you for sharing this profound and dramatic piece of art with us. The stealtgh bombers and the falling masonry, the sinister shadows and the ubiquitous coffin. The carnage and bloodsoaked drama is brought to us every day via our TV sets and radios and we can't do a damn thing about it!! A fabulous and very necessary artwork! Take care!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Aug 2006

What I find most impressive in this work of art is the the "head", which expressss the destructive intention, hiding behinde a video-look-like-playstation. Dr. Edward Badeen

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Aug 2006

What I find most impressive in this work of art is the "head", which expressss the destructive intention, hiding behinde a video-look-like-playstation. Dr. Edward Badeen

Melanie Koira 08 Aug 2006

Yes, we are so vulnerable. Life is destroyed and this action is announced as neccessary by only a few men. You have managed to show symbols of cause and effect which show the cold distance between bomb and destination, destined to murder the innocent. Well done.

Renata Cavanaugh 08 Aug 2006

Excellent work Hisham

David Holcombe 07 Aug 2006

This has the sinister quality of the real thing, "collateral damage." That has the asceptic sound of something unimportant when it really touches innocent human lives. In war, it is always the innocent who suffer. Keep up the good work. There is way too little political art around.

Ralph Miller 07 Aug 2006

totally awesome job.

Analua 07 Aug 2006

Madness powerful men play with guns, bombs and human rights, life, health and security like toys and with a ironic indifference, looking only for them proposes: the power. In the presence of this "power" and "madness" the poor human people nothing can do for stop this... With your grandious soul mind, understanding and wisdom you create a actual work world reality with a most inside power and true concept with a fantastic creativity and magnificient art! Very strong and fabulous! Admirable representation of a hard true!

Timothy McAninch 07 Aug 2006

Irony in that it is easy to compose an antiwar image using toys. I made an antiwar sculptures based on "Masters of War" One involved Cain and Able turned from each other and the other was a nuclear war head. 3 faces made from toy soldiers and guns. A young person said it was "cool" I asked him why and he said, "cause it has guns" Not an easy message to get across. Some thought my antiwar statement was prowar.

Jude Rouslin 07 Aug 2006

Depicting War in Art. Unfortunately , those that actually need to have a reality check/boost, blind sheep, perhaps don't frequent art sites that make them think or see reality. As an antiwar artist myself, I feel it is the Artist's responsibility to document what often is left out of MSM. No matter what side of the sand one is on. And you have done a fabulous job in conveying the fact that War/Oppression/Invasions in the Middle East is so out of control and ugly.They are Crimes against Humanity via aggression with superior weapons as innocent individuals are murdered by ochestrated brute force which cannot be justified on any level by any side. Though I understand the why's of it all. Your sybolism amazes me. I think Artists would do a far better job in governing than the war mongers that supposedly are in charge.

P. Merewether 07 Aug 2006

Very eerie and interesting- that title is scary on it's own. at first I thought the helicopter was a sort of tiffany lamp - then saw the shadow on the wall - don't know if you intended that, but it's cool anyway. the empty chair is eerie - not sure what's on it - a remote? The bombs headed toard the unsuspecting chilse - is that a bed or a coffin, or both? Really fascinating ideas! I've never trusted clowns either - so much can go on behind a mask.