The magitek rider

My first FF6 fanart. Yay! ^o^ @.@ It's been a while sense I have posted any new work. I have been a bit overwhelmed by summer II classes and computer problems (having to reformat and a small virus >.<. Overall I really enjoyed this work. I did leave out the pom poms on the moogles. It's a bit strange but FF6 seems to like to sometimes show moogles with poms and sometimes without. @.@ The magitek took a bit of time to create. I took the general idea of one and went to town with it. For those who haven't played the game (bad you :p) the main character on the magitek is Terra Bradford. I hope you enjoy it.


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Kirby 13 May 2009


Leo Da 21 Aug 2006

This is great work!

Larissa Ferreira 02 Aug 2006

really good! These animals are very cute ^_^

rellis 27 Jul 2006

This games is a classic. You really did it justice. Its really nice! keep up the good work.

Rita Ria 27 Jul 2006

she is lovely

Analua 26 Jul 2006


thea walstra 26 Jul 2006

Gorgeous work