Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

Tom told me that this is somekind of "moth" NOT a baby hummingbird :-o (can't remember what he told me exactly right now). Sure does fly quickly though, and the heat didn't bother him a bit? If you know what kind of moth this is feel free to email me and let me know. Thank You in advance (TIA). One of the new set of daylily pictures taken at Pleasant Valley Gardens on 3rd Street in Dayton, OH. Thank You Thomas & Doug for letting me take pictures in your wonderful gardens. :-) Whew is it hot out here right now in Dayton, OH.


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Terence Brockett 17 Jul 2006

awesome shot william

bianca thomas 17 Jul 2006

beautiful angle of the

Eva Britt 16 Jul 2006

Awsome photo William. Very beautiful. I think this is a Hummningbird Moth