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If you ask the Insurance company they will tell you it was an act of God ...those living along the waters edge will tell you it was God acting up ...Not much left here to tell you ..maybe tomorrow it will greet you to the City of Atlantis previously known as the...City of Easton

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bianca thomas 30 Jun 2006

Lynnette oh my god...are u okay? i been watching news and wow...this is a companies are crooks....If u pay for insurance and dont have flood coverage they will tell u its flood..if u have flood coverage they will tell u is wind....Gov...needs to step in and regulate insurance comanies closer...AWSOME PHOTO BTW

Artist Reply: Thank You Bianca ...this is very eerie to me ...I was born and raised in Easton but live about 30 minutes away but still have many friends and family there ...but Thank God none were affected by the waters.

Reba McDonald 30 Jun 2006

Wow. And here we could do with a little rain.

Jean M. Laffitau 30 Jun 2006

Very good documentation Lynnette!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Jun 2006

nice capture, a million words in one image! Lisa x

Gabriele Swanson 30 Jun 2006

Great photography.