Passion Flower

Passion flowers growing on a wall in Villa Grimaldi, a garden in Nervi, Italy on the Italian Riviera.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this photo on June 24, 2006 and made it the Number 1 image in the Day All Galleries on June 25, 2006. Thank you all so much!


Anonymous Guest (IP:


This is absolutely wonderful.... my goodness I am in Awe in gods art combined with you talent, Excellent!

Karie Goffic 05 Sep 2007

wonderful image!

Elke Clarke 22 Mar 2007

This one is fantastic

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Oct 2006

Those flowers look so special that it is nearly unreal. nature is a wonderful artist. So are you for capturing this meeting with the insect.

Crystal Basta 24 Jul 2006

wow!! I missed this one!! it is awesome!!!

John Enright 05 Jul 2006

a very compelling and dynamic image Emily. Terrific shot.

Ana Berry 03 Jul 2006

Love the reflection of color on the wings!

maureen older 27 Jun 2006

a busy little bee :-]) . Awonderful shot Emily

Joseph O'Connor 26 Jun 2006

wow excellent photography and beautiful flower

Les Jobes 26 Jun 2006

Fantastic work Emily!! Marvellous job! :o)

Mary Janosik 26 Jun 2006

WOW, what a great photograph!! Amazing flower!! :)

Jerie kunitsky 25 Jun 2006

Totally amazing...One of your best yet.

Karina Ishkhanova 25 Jun 2006

A unique beauty! Love how the colour of the wings matches the colour of the flower - makes them a perfect couple!

Olga van Dijk 25 Jun 2006

The Italian Riviera is so beautiful! Beautiful capture of this scenery, Emily!

Timothy McAninch 25 Jun 2006

Marvelous. Dr. Seuss must have been inspired by this plant. The insect is just as wonderful too.

Greg Vilton 25 Jun 2006

Excellent close-up! These shapes and colours are so original and beautiful.

Roger Anderson 24 Jun 2006

This is wild Emily.....great shot.

jane fabrycki 24 Jun 2006

I never saw one of these. Interesting.

Ralph Miller 24 Jun 2006

great capture!

Francis Rivera 24 Jun 2006

very lovely and beautiful flower! ^_^

Pat Merewether 24 Jun 2006

Very Beautiful! I had one once - as a house plant - I'd put it outside in the summer and it would bloom so nicely - it's gone now, thanks for the memory - lovely photo.

K L Marsala 24 Jun 2006

oh wow! what an exquiste flower! great work emily

Laurie Crouse 24 Jun 2006

I have always adored passion flowers, but seeing that bee there all covered in pollen, really enhances it beyond description! What an amazing capture Em! Well don! Laurie :)

Sara Deutsch 24 Jun 2006

Love the perspective and oval frame!

Norma Nava 24 Jun 2006

Beauty. In Argentina and Paraguay the name is PASSIONARIA or MBURUCUYA(tupì-guaraní). There is much in Amazonia and in my country wall is used as on a fencing since she is "enredadera". It has a small fruit. Its name comes from the "Passion of Christ"(nails and crown of thorns) and is post-1500 or RINASCIMENTO, CINQUECENTO...

Lynnda Rakos 24 Jun 2006

Emily you out did yourself!!! Beautiful!!!

henry oswaldsson 24 Jun 2006

Emily, another remarkable catch! Best, HenryO.

Patty Day 24 Jun 2006

Gorgeous artwork, Emily!!

Carrie Ann Watson 24 Jun 2006

Gorgeous capture, Emily!

Tara Corbett 24 Jun 2006

Cool find. Awesome!

epsylon lyrae 24 Jun 2006

This is spettacular!!!

Mary C. Wells aka: MACWELLS 24 Jun 2006

Beautiful work!!

jorge gallardo 24 Jun 2006

What a spectacular shot! Very impressive and beautiful! Bravo!

Carliss Mora 24 Jun 2006

Wow!! Unusual, Fascinating, and Gorgeous to be sure!

Ginger Lovellette 24 Jun 2006

Outstanding, Emily!

thea walstra 24 Jun 2006

A great, very beautiful photograph. This one is also flowering in my garden.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 24 Jun 2006

Wow! Splendid image and fantastic colours!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 24 Jun 2006

Beautiful creative photo and art,Emily!!!:)

Cathy Holford 24 Jun 2006

Wonderful detail hon!

michael rockwell 24 Jun 2006

i have seen this flower before,my friend has it growing on the tressel were my wife and i got pictures taken of us before we took off for our honey moon.

Thomas Reed 24 Jun 2006


Gabriele Swanson 24 Jun 2006

Gorgeous work Emily

Nancy Woolweber 24 Jun 2006

Now that's a wonderful photo!

Charlene Richards 24 Jun 2006


ellen blockley 24 Jun 2006

Gorgeous flower and photograph!

arnold quentin 24 Jun 2006

Very Good Work

tazda lawson 24 Jun 2006

oh this is a truly colorful piece.....superb and fancyful

joan warburton 24 Jun 2006

Wow! Emily, this is one of your best!

Loreen Smith 24 Jun 2006

Emily, this is just so PERFECT! The colors, the detail and composition. WONDERFUL!

Femi Johnson 24 Jun 2006

i so love your work Emily

corry stuart 24 Jun 2006

absolutely gorgeous

Reba McDonald 24 Jun 2006

An amazingly beautiful flower Emily.

Joseph Moran 24 Jun 2006

beautiful emily!

george query 24 Jun 2006

Lovely job! I have never seen a bee on a passion flower!

Nira Dabush 24 Jun 2006


Penny Myers 24 Jun 2006

What an awesome looking flower. Great shot.

eileen martin 24 Jun 2006

what a fantastic capture:)

Armando Salas 24 Jun 2006

Wonderful shot, Emily

Angelina 24 Jun 2006

LOVELY i have tons of these just budding in my front garden i am waiting for an en mass !!

bianca thomas 24 Jun 2006

wow....usual and unique.......awsome capture...

Brenda Loveless 24 Jun 2006

wow, splendid job of making the most of subject!

Christine brand 24 Jun 2006


Loredana 24 Jun 2006


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Jun 2006

SUPERB!! very very beautiful!!!!!