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Van Gogh always reflected me in many ways and I related to him from an early age.He is insperation to both carry on and to never give up because of what his potential could had been had he the proper surroundings of today's trappings. I imagined him sitting for me and allowing me to capture his pain and passion in the computerized medium.This was a spur of the moment thing I just did mostly because the Muse bit me.This is one of the few times drawing freehand with a mouse on the computer accenuated the piece. Event Horizon Studios 2006


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Jan 2007

Perfection Kris! M

Marty Yokawonis 28 Jul 2006


Olga van Dijk 06 Jul 2006


Artist Reply: Thank ya thank ya..yes, he is definately one of my earliest inspirations and not just his art of course.His drive and courage.I believe he more courage than most give his memory credit- with the exception of those of us who understand some. That was done completely free style with a mouse so I wouldn't lose the loose feel I wanted to have.I think it shows his passion, madness and unique genuis.

Magda Elsehrawi 05 Jul 2006

VERY interesting rendering here. well done!

Doris B. Lambling 02 Jul 2006

great tribute to vincent :))

Chris Williams 25 Jun 2006

great idea

carrie holst 20 Jun 2006

I love your vision of V. Always my favorite A.

jennifer blenkinsopp 19 Jun 2006

Great image of van gogh Kristof, I too love vincent, I have done his sunflowers ,---------------this is great popart.

Les Jobes 19 Jun 2006

Van Gogh is one of my all time favourite artists.. have one of his portraits (a copy of course!) hanging on my wall.. This is an great portrait of the man! Intense, powerful colour, really love his 'wild' hair! Very expressive piece Kristof. :o)

rosemary gioielli 19 Jun 2006

excellent! and yes, I love Vincent too

Analua 19 Jun 2006

Splendid great work!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Analua. Inspiration hit me early this morn and being half asleep as well. :)

Emily Reed 19 Jun 2006

Striking image! So great!

Artist Reply: Thanks :) I was half dead around 5 am doing this today but after looking over scads of other artists here at AW all last night the muse bit me hard.

Barbara Beck-Azar 19 Jun 2006

brilliant renditiion and modern portrait of vincent...glad to see van gogh, kandinsky appear in new ways at AW... we should never forget the past.

Artist Reply: Thank you Barbara . Ad you're definately right.If it wasn't for their pioneering styles and ( especially in VIncent's case) sacrafice art would had moved on a bit more slowly.Just not in sty;e but also in how art dealers,the public and other artists view the world. Vincent is one of my heroes.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Jun 2006

Wow. You have to paint him! ---Amber :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Jun 2006


Artist Reply: Thanks Nelly :). He was a product of sleep dep and muse.

thea walstra 19 Jun 2006

Outstanding work

Artist Reply: thank you for your comment Thea! As Amber ( my gf) said, he now needs to be painted on a canvas.