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Ponte Vecchio

this is a view of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. It is one of the oldest bridges in Italy, and is unique for its houses built on it. It is so charming and picturesque.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Allan Philiba 07 Apr 2007

Lovely shot, Emily. Makes me want to go back!

Kelly Bartlett 07 Oct 2006

Beautiful capture, Emily. A lovely photograph. :)

Phil Hilton 21 Sep 2006

I wish I had this for refernce when I was trying to paint this bridge. Its so great in deatils!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Jun 2006

Great shot of this famous bridge. Great colors and love the boaters in the shot!

june hazeldene 13 Jun 2006

Brilliant photo - great subject. This is so unusual!

Carrie Ann Watson 12 Jun 2006

What a fascinating bridge! I've never seen anything like it! Too neat, wonderful pic!

Les Jobes 12 Jun 2006

Wow neat bridge!! And nice water shot too.. such lovely weather you're getting.. :o)

KC CHANG 12 Jun 2006

Great compositon. Action on the river makes the picture even greater.

José Fortunato 12 Jun 2006

Great shot !

Deborah Martin 11 Jun 2006

So unusual Emily....great shot!!!!

Karina Ishkhanova 11 Jun 2006

What a unique image! I have never seen bridges like that! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Carliss Mora 11 Jun 2006

No need for me to go visit, Emily. You take me there! Wonderful photo!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 11 Jun 2006

Gorgeous composition and color tones!!! Great Artistic photography,Emily!!!:)

bianca thomas 11 Jun 2006

incredible....colours are just supreme...

Tracey Loftis 11 Jun 2006

A beautirful capture Emily. The people are a great addition to the fantastic structure. I love the punch of yellow in the middle and the arches intermingled in with the pattern of squares. Great job Em!

Francis Rivera 11 Jun 2006

very nice! ^_^

Kirsten Talmage 11 Jun 2006

Living on a bridge is such a cool idea.

Thomas Reed 11 Jun 2006

very nice

epsylon lyrae 11 Jun 2006

Nice and clear, lovely picture! :D

Pat Quinn 11 Jun 2006

Great shot Emily! Thats amazing, what a view these people must have.

Mayme Crouse 11 Jun 2006

Wow, Emily this is a great shot and what a place to be able to hang your hat and call it home......a house on a bridge.........

Terry Bassett 11 Jun 2006

That's a most interesting shot.. Nice one Emily! :-)

jane fabrycki 11 Jun 2006

This is so neat.

Reba McDonald 11 Jun 2006

A very unique bridge beautifully photographed.

Cathy Holford 11 Jun 2006

Super beautiful hon!

corry stuart 11 Jun 2006

what a neat photo houses on a bridge whow!

hendrik arie baartman 11 Jun 2006

I did spend 2 weeks and 1 mile away from this bridge during the Florence biennale of 2003. greetings Hendrik.Did you see the ice parlor to the left of the bridge? Well, they are serving the best ice cream in the WORLD. Greetings Hendrik.

Vessence 11 Jun 2006

A wonderful photo, Emily. I've never seen the like! ^o^

joan warburton 11 Jun 2006

Amazing how they build on the bridge! Beautiful photo!

Timothy Hughes 11 Jun 2006

Excellent capturE!

thea walstra 11 Jun 2006

A very beautiful and outstanding photograph

Analua 11 Jun 2006

Really a superb unique bridge Emily!!!! Gorgeous work!!!!

Norma Nava 11 Jun 2006

Raro y hermoso.

tazda lawson 11 Jun 2006

Fantastic photo of a true beautiful architecture.........great work.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 11 Jun 2006

beautiful view and a great photo Emily!!

Julie Hollis 11 Jun 2006

Love the rise of the buildings on the right. It makes the composition more intriguing!

Michele Caserio 11 Jun 2006

Very very beautiful

Loredana 11 Jun 2006

Great capture Em ,Looks like you had a fantastic time :)