Byzantine Icons

They are 2 of my religious artworks. Well, some centuries after Jesus death, Christians needed to have some pictures of their God and the other Holy people. So they started to look for portraits of people who lived at the same time in the same area with Jesus, Mary, Jhon Baptist and the others close to describtions they had in the gospels and other holy books. So they used Fayoum and Pompei faces to show how they could look like. Byzantines artists started with encaustic technique but later they found the egg tempera as more easy and strong material. After 14th century Catholics change the Icons to modern ones (see the blonde Jesus of Renaissance) but the Orthodox keep the same models as the old ones for Jesus and Saints, till now. Babis


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Reynaldo Villarreal 25 Mar 2009

Love you work Babis RV

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Mar 2009

do you still paint ? how are you ?

Artist Reply: Who are you.... forgot to login.. :)

Delia Pacheco 04 Jan 2009

I LOVE Byzantine Icons, I have several small works, this is wonderful Babis...

Jerry 20 Oct 2006

Amazing portraits, styles, colors, details and topic! Superb paintings Babis!

James Anderson 11 Oct 2006

Very Good!

Claudio Dantas 04 Oct 2006

Unbelieveble great artwork!

Révész Éva Gabriella 15 Sep 2006

It says, to painting icons it's very hard work. This work is go back high in the past, and to carry a message from the present-day man. Thank you. Great work!

Emily Reed 12 Sep 2006

Wonderful elegant work!

Katerina Koukiotis 12 Sep 2006

babi this is so beautiful!! I'm Greek so i know all the beauty our rothodox churches have, thank you so much for explaining the story behind the painting, i too often get inspired to do some byzantine artworks but i dont know how well it will go with my style.You do beautiful work this is truly special :)

Christine brand 13 Aug 2006

Wow! very impressive cherish authentic work.

Olga van Dijk 06 Jul 2006


Cathie Brock 05 Jun 2006

You are a very creative guy, would be great to do an up to date version, wonderful painting....Cath xxx

Artist Reply: Cathie... thank you. i will.

Anne Vis 05 Jun 2006

Great and impressive work, Babis! Thanks for the explanation!

Artist Reply: Thank you Anne. I tried to say about it but my english aren't so good. I hope all of you understand what im trying to do with my research.

Pat Abbott 05 Jun 2006

Very beautiful colors and details.

Artist Reply: Thanks Pat. appreciate your comments

Cynthia Adams 05 Jun 2006

Excellent image...really impressive work.Well done.

thea walstra 05 Jun 2006

Very beautiful and splendid art