Ancient Faces

As i said before in prev image, some faces and characteristics still the same over 1000 years ago in our area, Eastern Mediterranean sea. So here they are some copies i made of ancient portraits. From left there is a woman from a Pompei fresco mural and the 2nd is a woman from Pompei Mosaic (Italy). The 3rd and 4th at right are women from Fayoum (Aegypt). They were Greeks who mooved there from the time of Alexander the Great but they changed religeon from 12 Olympus Gods to Isis. So all people had to have a picture after death to come back in second life with the same personality and face. Thats why we find over 2000 portraits like this at Fayoum from Romans period. They were painted by encaustic technique with hot wax and powder natural colours on linen fabric but i use acrylics on wood. Babis


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Jerry 20 Oct 2006

Great portraits, colors, eyes, mood and styles! Lovely artworks Babis!

Julia Feise 21 Sep 2006

Hi Babis, I love this one particularly. I am in UK at the moment but will be back in Crete on the 10 th October, so would love to come to your exhibition. Julia

Blue Doll 14 Sep 2006

magnifecent artwork Babis

Emily Reed 12 Sep 2006

Wow! Very striking!

Carla Silva 23 Jul 2006


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 07 Jul 2006

impressive an marvellous art!!

thea walstra 05 Jun 2006

Superb art

Cathie Brock 05 Jun 2006

Love hstorical facts and art, and you have done both great justice Babis...Cath xxx

Nancy Costley 05 Jun 2006

Good idea to put the face together as a body of work.

Artist Reply: Yes Nancy... thanks. You know in my last 3 uploads im trying to explane about my study and reserch. Every piece its only 17x30 cm not big (dont loose detaols) but tottaly they are over of 100 of them. By this everyone can see and understand what i mean with my words on left. 1pic=1000words. :)

Pat Abbott 05 Jun 2006

A beautfiul piece of art.

renee lavoie 05 Jun 2006

stunning work of art!

Anne Vis 05 Jun 2006

Great work, Babis, awesome!

Artist Reply: Thanks Anne..!!!