Antidia GMFC by Heather Dennis |

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Antidia GMFC

Took me a bit to finish it @.@. It's for the GMFC on gaia online. This is of course the pregnancy image. The mother, antidia, is a succubus and the father Asmodeus Grims, is a necromancer. For the background if people are interested is actually sort of a strange. The major circle around their head is designed to resemble the rose windows you see on old cathedrals. It both represents a sun for light and a rose for love. The strange vines underneath them were designed to be abstract. XP They are to represent water or vines. Water for love and vines for growth. In the end I chose pinkish purple to be the main theme because all the pictures of the mother included pink. XD Lots of pink.


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Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008

we need to see a wedding ring lol, but anyway... good pic

christopher perdue 30 May 2006

pregnancy is in at my high school

Anne Vis 30 May 2006

Beautiful design, Heather!

Rebecca Tan 30 May 2006

I love the background a lot!!

Rob Slijkhuis 30 May 2006

Very good use of color and technique!