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This piece is in referance to the end of the world The Gear shape represents time. The Butterfly represents Jesus Christ. The first white set of wings represent the first comming of Christ, and the second purple set of wing represent the seccond comming. The gear is full of meaningful words that referance the end. I love this was so much fun to make and I feel that it is a beautiful way to remind us that there is a reason to our existance ant that we should be paying attention to how we are living...........................CLICK ON MY BUSINESS CARD TO VISIT MY WEBSITE........

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Emily Reed 16 Jul 2006

Gorgeous, gorgeous art! Well done!

Tom Baryo 08 Jul 2006

wow....another monroe area Artist! Must be something in the water. I was going to ask if you heard of Erika Brodie but I see you have. I like your work- especially this piece. You should get involved with the riverside art center here in the ypsilanti area!

Vera Harned 23 May 2006

Super work!

erika brodie 02 May 2006

That is so deep ....nice job...the butterfly is very awesome....I love the contrast....

Loredana 02 May 2006

Fantastic Christy :)