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Yin Yang

A fun drawing I did a while ago that I finally got around to coloring. Yay for yin yangs. They are rather fun and easy to do once you learn some of the geometry behind them. In this yin yang I wanted to vary it up by having the yin yang subjects actually holding the inner circles of the yin yang. Overall I am really happy with it. The orbs are probably my favorite parts of the picture Ps. The reason I have signed it on both the top and the bottom is because there isn't actually an up or down on this picture. It could really be show in any direction.

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Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008


Vera Harned 16 Apr 2006

Super work!

Rebecca Tan 16 Apr 2006

Congrats for making into the top ten club! Well done!

Lucia Stewart 15 Apr 2006


Analua 15 Apr 2006

Marvelous work!!!!