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My name is Jerry Stith and I am Founder of a new American Folk art program called BallPoint Pen Art. A ballpoint pen is the most used writing or drawing instrument in history. Bic Pens just published that they have sold one hundred billion pens. My BallPoint Pen Art program is introducing the ballpoint pen as a new art medium to this world because it is the largest undeveloped art medium in history! Pen and Ink has been around fore about four thousand years and the ballpoint is the most popular or sold pen of all pens.******* I am an artist that actually knows how to draw! I do drawings that help clarity what an object looks like in real terms. A picture that illustrates what nature actually looks like in real terms and that style is referred to as Classical Realism. I do so with a pen that delivers lines made of ink that can be done anywhere. That means discipline, drawing abilities, perspective, lines, shading, anatomy and observations are brought into the equation. Capturing nature therefore is extremely important or the bases to my school of thought. Machines, computers, filters, lenses, cameras, darkrooms or other processes are not used because they do not improve my drawing skills or abilities.******* This golden ballpoint pen drawing derives from a marble sculpture or statue produced by the great Michelangelo. This Pieta depicts the agony or suffering of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. This drawing demonstrates or illustrates what a mother felt like after seeing her innocent sons crucifixion. Tens of thousands of lines were organized to make this drawing come alive or look real to life. Needless to say this drawing does not depict the joy of his resurrection! I am the only person on the Internet that has gold ballpoint pen drawing published so this beauty is exceptionally unique or extremely rare as are my yellow works.******* I am the first person via the WWW to introduce multi-colored ballpoint pen art, drawings or inks to this world or are community. My research shows that over 938 million people are registered as Internet uses. On Oct. 30, 1888, John J. Load registered or patented the first ballpoint pen, No. 392,046 as an American. My ballpoint pen art program is based on his invention not the Biro brothers production of such. Ballpoint pen colored inks are the brightest throughout history and this year ISO or DIN archival rated inks became available. ******* This picture is dedicated to Jesus Christ whom is my Lord and Savior and his Resurrection Day or as many say, Easter, amen! May everyone have a blessed day.

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John Cappello 29 Aug 2013

Admirable work, So Powerfully Accurate this Exudes a Wonderful Fascination!

Jamer Gerero 13 Apr 2012

Hey Jerry, this is one of your nice piece. I'm enjoying seeing your works.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Feb 2009

Most exceellent and so pretty!

shenur masters 02 Jan 2009

excellent work

Ruth Olivar Millan 17 Sep 2008

Thank you for sharing.......wonderful art media.