Moth from midsummer

Yet another part of my final project for costume design. This is moth :3 The one I see being Titania's personal bodyguard. For the costume I designed it so that it would show off his body but also give him more of a torpedo shape. With that torpedo shape I gave him a collar of thick fluffy fur to simulate a bit of a moth's body. ************************ Overall I see him with a very stern and ridged personality. I reflected this a bit in his shoes, I don't want him prancing about if he is going to move he is going to be clunking about.


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Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008

cool character

Uriah Peterson 01 Apr 2006

very nice work

Cassie Chamberlain 01 Apr 2006

I'm disapointed that this doesn't have any comments, I really like it. You put a lot of effort into the wings, and you thought about the colours a lot. Maybe I would do that background block a shade lighter so he stands out from it a little. But he is looking groovy, you've done a nice job.