Melding Godz

This is an very old peice. It was a birthday gift to a friend of mine. The drawing is not very good, I have gotten much better since then. But I still like the design I did. Looking back at this, I would say, "I did that?!"

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Larissa Ferreira 29 Aug 2006

WOW!! Amazing! "the drawing isn't very good"? Are you kidding?

neenar noubarian 28 May 2006

wow u have some nice art work :D. it sort of looks like alchemy ninjas.

Maria hedblom 24 Mar 2006

i think its very nice...

stephen quammie 21 Mar 2006

I still enjoy looking at this piece, thanks for the awesome bday gift man!

Artist Reply: Just wait, Second version is coming up, I am composing a sketch now.

Saino Seijunokui 14 Mar 2006

Wow! Cool treatment with the picture. xDD I also love the poses of the two characters at the middle. ^_^