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San Francisco Market St. Layout Developement

This is a secondary phase in the developement of the layout. I used a projector to place the image of my freehand sketch on a piece of layout bond paper that is the same size as the sheet of watercolor paper I will be using. I lightly penciled in the projected image as quickly and as minimally as possible. I then began to draw a much more exact version,as I increase the amount and the accuracy of the details. All of the added detail is on the right hand side of the painting, and on the car in the center of the composition. I do the most dificult detailing first, and it helps me define the perameters of the smaller areas in the painting. This helps me build up a momentum and helps me to identify areas of difficulty that may arise when I start to use pigment. The image looks so grungy because of the inadequacy of my light source. For some reason my flash was not working and the lighting was was so bad that not even my self-proclaimed expertise with Photoshop could correct the problems with the image. So you all have my appologies for this failure on my part.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Feb 2006

jaw dropping..

tjames zanotti 17 Feb 2006

Noce setup how steep are the hills here?

Linda Bertiaux 16 Feb 2006

Great work.

Reba McDonald 16 Feb 2006

Terrific layout Stanton.

Pat Abbott 16 Feb 2006

Very interesting with so much detailing.