billie Ray - This painting has been destroyed. :(

Corp.2002 Emelie Koshland. Acrylic on canvas. This painting was sliced up with a 9" switch blade by a crazy guy in my house. I however refuse to let her die. I am working on her repairs and she will be back in rebirth with some serious scars but a story to tell. This was the ultimate disrespect for an artist to go through. I dont wish it on anybody!


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Christine brand 06 Jun 2006

I love the way you used lines and colors in this...Very eyecatching work!!

José Fortunato 25 Jul 2005

It is nice. The way she looks and the eyes are so well.Congratulations

jO ANNA jARVIS 11 Feb 2005

Love your colors...good job!

Vera Harned 14 Dec 2004

Love the colors. Good work!

Pat Abbott 30 Jan 2004

Beautiful piece.