Sakura Cross

I decided that it was time to do an updated drawing of my rp chracter, Sakura Cross. I'm rather happy with how this came out. It's been a while since I've really tried to draw humans...I'm trying to work myself back into it. I think that this was a good start. ^_^ Just a quick lil background on Sakura... Once a slave to her Master, Lazarus Cross (he is a vampyer of sorts), Sakura fell in love with him and he in turn fell in love with her. (As much as a man like him could 'love') Lazarus set her free from the bonds of being a slave and soon after he married her. Sakura was than given Lazarus's blood, turning her into a creature of night, yet she still retains her human nature instead of the dark nature of the blood with in her. Sakura is the mother of 2 daughters and a great swords master, often using her skills to defend those who can't fight. Sakura has now become the head Mistress of Cross Keep.

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