I really enjoyed matching the wood tones for this piece. It is privately owned.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Tanya Ray 26 Mar 2006

Very well done!! Beautiful!!

Jennifer Hewitt 15 Mar 2006

wow i love this violin, it's fantastic

Hanna Olsson 17 Feb 2006

You have done a great job with the shadows with this one! A very good job!

Margie Resto-Smith 09 Feb 2006

Great work :)

Stuart Murphy 25 Jan 2006

When I first started drawing, I drew exclusively violins, viola's and cello's. I love the their curves, edges, smoothness, woodgrains and of course their sounds. This piece brings back many memories of those days. Beautiful work Tonya....

Ana Tirolese 13 Jan 2006

This is quite beautiful. I love violins. Good job.

thea walstra 12 Jan 2006

Excellent and very beautiful work Tonya

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 12 Jan 2006

Beautiful pastel Artwork,!

Emily Reed 12 Jan 2006

Beautiful! beautiful!

Jassy Konopacki 12 Jan 2006

oooh! i like it! very cool!

Leah Jaarveth 12 Jan 2006

its beautiful Tonya :)

Terry Bullard 12 Jan 2006

nice work

Cathie Brock 12 Jan 2006

Lovely work Tonya...All the best Cath

Analua 12 Jan 2006

I can feel the marvelous passion how you paint this violin Tonya!!!! Simply magic and wonderful paint!!!