I tried to upload this thingy once, but it didn't work; so, here it is. :) I got the idea from a picture of me and a snake, which was on a birthday party of one of my schoolbuddies. His party was in a place where they give you all sorts of information about animals which are near death. One of the guys there explained what kind of animals people keep at home in small cages, and that it very bad to do, because it doesn't really help remaining species of animals. The snake wasn't really an animal which was near to death, it was a hugglesnake of a women they knew, and when the women didn't have time enough for the snake anymore, she wanted to get rid of it. Maybe I'll upload the snakephoto too if you'd like that. :)

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tim linville 01 Jan 2006

Cool one Luna!I bet this one looks really good,next to your others...or am I the only weirdo who spreads all his images out...and smiles..I like doing more now,just to see the pile grow!Great pencil work:)