Cloud angel

Little cloud angel ^^ A picture I did for my dad before he has to go to cancer surgery.. again ^^;;. So it's a little bit old. She is suppose to be the angle angel that sculpts the clouds. .... ok... stop barfing. The only thing I am really not happy with is her hair. @.@ I really don't like how the top of all the hair turned out. Ah well. I hope you like her. :D


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Chico Decker 13 Dec 2006

I love her outfit its so nice

Lynn Slijkhuis 09 Dec 2005

Sweet lovely image of an Angel! ^_^

Lauren Madrueno 08 Dec 2005

She's cute! I love the clouds, you did a good job coloring too!

Linda Bertiaux 03 Dec 2005

do you do children's books illustrations? You should.

tim linville 03 Dec 2005

Excellent color work!A nice theme!

Analua 03 Dec 2005

Very beautiful work Heather!!!!