Kim Possible

This one was a bit of a trial by fire for me. For this one I chose one of my favorite cartoons, Kim Possible, for the subject. I've never really drawn in this type of style before, and I found it to be very relaxing and dare I say fun to draw characters in a more simplistic/stylized fashion. I'll definately try to do more like this. I wanted to draw Kim and Ron in a style closer to my own but found that they ended up looking like entirely new characters. Since that was not my intent I focused more on their intended look to keep that familiarity with the characters. I still changed quite a few things to make it somewhat original. The background is just kind of there, that's really not a strong point for me but I forced myself to delete the gradient fill I had in place and actually attempt a background this time around. Characters originally sketched out on paper, scanned, characters and background colored in Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004. Copyright Disney of course.

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Rodrigo Rocha Freitas 27 May 2008


Evelyn Simon 27 Apr 2008

I watch this show, and I like it a lot. You did an excellent job!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 May 2006

kim possible looks quite mature,,aswell as ron,,,,quite different from disney characters but 8s c0oL though..welldone!

Rob Slijkhuis 28 Nov 2005

Very nice comic-art!

Emily Reed 28 Nov 2005

This is so cute! I just luv it!