Philosopher Dream


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Analua 07 Aug 2006

I love the creative inteligence in conjugation with a fabulous racionality about what happen in our world and what we can dream and create for to can live in him without to be crazy but with capacity in transform all in a marvelous garden of subtle tought messages. Congratulations for to be a magnific soul artist!

Leo Da 24 Jul 2006


Renata Cavanaugh 21 Jul 2006

Beautiful work Hisham

stephanie atlee 09 Nov 2005

Very nice and intriguing work on this...thought provoking

thea walstra 08 Nov 2005

Sweet and wonderful art

Gail Nordlof 08 Nov 2005

Oh Hisham! I just love your work and this is another fabulous piece. The blend of reality and imagination - and the figurative fence that separates the two...

Alberto D'Assumpcao 08 Nov 2005

Wonderful concept, Hisram! Beautiful work!

William Boyer 08 Nov 2005

great job good idea.

Konstantina Daskalaki 08 Nov 2005

Very interesting work Hiisham. i love the flower-butterflies that fry from the tree to the pot!!!!!!!!

geri pratt 07 Nov 2005

Very striking design, Hisham. I love how the softness of the dancers contrasts the foreground.

tim linville 07 Nov 2005

Nicely done,Hisham!Most excellent 3d work!

Tabitha Borges 07 Nov 2005

intersting that the dance is over and yet he still llinger in the memories...good piece...

Andree Lerat 07 Nov 2005

Nice work. Very creative.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Nov 2005

Glad to see the hope for a beter futur replacing the death. Nice work.

Angela Francis 07 Nov 2005

Nice chair placement (LOL). Seriously, very good render. The scene is very well done. I especially like the way you entered the scene with the children. Very creative.

John Larkin 07 Nov 2005

I know this is about death but you have plenty of life emirging from it. Like a transitional point looking back after your gone. Is that "ring around the posie's" I like this piece because it has 3 dimentional depth.

Alex Preiss 07 Nov 2005

Wonderful design. Excellent concept!

ashok nayak 07 Nov 2005

beautiful thinking and a great work Hisham! It's lovely.