mural project for coca cola toledo

this was a mural done by me and my friend ahmad. i came up with the concept and ahmad did most of the painting. this mural was 2yrs in the making.


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Mark Plaid 07 Mar 2008

Ah yes! The secret identity and the day job come together! That's so cool they had you do that. Even though it's commissioned work, it's got you all over it! Great work.

Jude Rouslin 13 Sep 2006

I interpret this as being Coca-Cola ramming / exploding through Countries the corporation has exploited the world over, as well as the school corridors across the US. Or Coca-Cola being tossed out on its cap. (I'm one of those that know that coca-cola is NOT the real thing:-) Great Mural though.

Artist Reply: damn man (lol) its cool. i work for coca cola . im just a grunt in the field. i have to take care of 3 kids and a wife and child support. so its just a job (lol). the concept of the coca cola coming out of the wall came out of my graffiti day back in the 80s. it was a honor concept from the movie wild style the graff artist zeph, and revol . thank you again for your comments

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 15 Sep 2005

Brilliant Mural Wade! Looks great. Very skilfully painted. Good old Ahmad!

michelle olson 14 Sep 2005

my favorite drink!!