Cycles 2


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tim linville 13 Oct 2005

Very surrealistic!

stephanie atlee 02 Sep 2005

I like the both as well but the one with the person curled up appeals to me more...more emotion even though the empty bird cage says a lot.

jO ANNA jARVIS 01 Sep 2005

Love them both....!

Gail Nordlof 01 Sep 2005

It IS a small (but big) change - and less disturbing than the original.

Aris Stathakis 01 Sep 2005

beautifu work and concept, well done!

sharon hendrickson 01 Sep 2005

I do like the symbolism of the bird flying from the cage, a release feeling is what I see here. In your last design I almost feel a caged feeling , like being tied to lifes forces. These feelings work well with both designs. An excellent surreal work of art and wonderful series !!~*****~!!

Emily Reed 01 Sep 2005

Nice composition.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Sep 2005

Hisham this is wonderfull,maybe you have found freedom and peace of mind at last?I think that both works should be displayed together because they show a story in images.The first one showing turmoil,frustration and sadness followed by the second version wich shows freedom.Kindest wishes MarieAnna Missen.

Christine brand 01 Sep 2005

Are U free now? I like both your creations Zrake!!! U dig deep into the hidden worlds of thought n say so much with your elements. How is everything these days?. Good!!? I hope truly!!!