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"..for centuries,everydaylife was adorned with these brightly coloured,richly-designed fabrics, the product of the most delicate skill of hand. YAZMA are produced by painting designs by brush on cotton metarial streched on an embroidery frame, or by tracing the design on to the metarial through holes in a wooden stencil. As headscarfs,worn by both Muslim and Christian women in the country districts of the multi-national Ottoman Empire, as well as by city women of the lower income groups, The YAZMA was an indispensable part of the traditional female custome ...the art of printing cloth, which developed along with the art of weaving, is one of the world's oldest handicrafts..." (SULA BOZIS;..BIANNUAL ISTANBUL)

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Delia Pacheco 11 Jan 2008

absolutely beautiful painting!

Angela Francis 01 Mar 2006

Beautiful!! I especially enjoy the history behind this work.

Andrew Diaz 19 Oct 2005

The composition, Image and Facial expression, Excellent!

Femi Johnson 21 Aug 2005

lovely Nilgun

Virginia Gordon 21 Aug 2005

BEAUTIFUL! You are a VERY Talented Artist