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Folklorist Butterflies

2 Textile designs for Interior,or Fashion.As part of my work "I did it my way" Cycle of inspiration.Hope to finish a rug before the end of this part of this cycle too. Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush


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mohammad safavi naini 12 Nov 2012


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 30 Aug 2005

beautifull forms and colors!!!

francis kwok peng kin 09 Aug 2005

you are indeed gifted, these designs are truely amazing...Nira! well done..

Sondra Ertzberger 08 Aug 2005


Peter Leahy 08 Aug 2005

beautiful pattern, very well done!!!

Laurie Brookes 08 Aug 2005

Both are amazing! Wonderfully brilliant colors!

Thom Roslan 08 Aug 2005

The designs remind me of "CYCLES"....kOOl!!!

Pat Abbott 07 Aug 2005

A real pretty design and the texture is so lovely.

Loredana 07 Aug 2005

Lovely colorful Design Nira :)

Susan Epps 07 Aug 2005

Beautiful work, Nira, with fascinating colours....I particularly like the lower image ! Very well done !

lerat andree 07 Aug 2005

I just love the bottom design. The colors are wonderful, strong, yet mutted. The top one feels like Christmas to me.

joan warburton 07 Aug 2005

Stunning design! Wonderful colors and blends!

Reba McDonald 07 Aug 2005

Beautiful designs Nira.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 07 Aug 2005

Fantastic design, Nira. Great colours and patterns!

Aris Stathakis 07 Aug 2005

awesome patterns Nira, superb designs!!

Lawrence Hickman 07 Aug 2005

beautifully done great job.......

geoff cooper 07 Aug 2005

look very warm and inviting, well done Nira.

Katerina Koukiotis 07 Aug 2005

so colorful and beautiful!!!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 Aug 2005

A fabulous design. So exotic and lively. Full of warmth and spice and all things nice! Love it!

Pepita Selles 07 Aug 2005

You did it again Nira! The best of luck to you and love your art.

Emily Reed 07 Aug 2005

A day for butterflies. Awesome.

Greg Vilton 07 Aug 2005

Gorgeous design, Nira! Love the combination of colours and the intricate patterns. Very well done!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Aug 2005

Both are very well done, this are really NIRA WORKS! Peterli.

stephanie atlee 07 Aug 2005

These are just beautiful...i can see how you are taken with the craft...just marvelous

Mark Sedgwick 07 Aug 2005

Love the movement here and the vivid colours just sing-out...:)

Joke Schotting 07 Aug 2005

Beautiful design and colors,Nira!!

thea walstra 07 Aug 2005

Awesome design. How much I would love the clothing with your patterns and designs.

Les Jobes 07 Aug 2005

What a spectacular designs! So full of pleasing colours and such a wondefully patterns - very lovely works Nira! I love the BOTH!! Beautifully done :o)

Eva Britt 07 Aug 2005

Absolute wonderful designs Nira! I love your brilliant combination of colors and patterns.

Kwabena Poku 07 Aug 2005

Very inetesting work. Bod colors