Okay...well, I'm going to let everyone know that I don't have clear paper, so you'll be able to see words on the other side of the paper. But it's okay, right?


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Chico Decker 11 Feb 2007

wow, I love it! i think it's cool!

Christine brand 06 Oct 2005

I think you have some good drawings. Maybe colors and some touches of backgrd. would do? It is up to you I know. I would love to see what you do from these. Have a great day. ERI!!!

beverly hills 20 Aug 2005

his head is a little flat looking on top. and his jaw is slightly off. you might want to sepreate the bracelets a little and let them hang more. you could have such fun with jewerly if you'd stick to the weight racio rule: jewelry hangs off necks and wrists. gravity. hmmmm... nothing else. great hand by the way.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Aug 2005

He needs a nose, guys dont wear earings except for hoops..and studs and things...and his hair is ugly.

Akio Kaminari 04 Aug 2005

Yes, its ok to see writing on the other side ^__^. i like this one, i remember seeing it before. The shading is very good-sometimes is hard to make metal have a shine, but i can tell this metal is thick because of the shine, and thats good! ^__^