The Flying Vermin gang had been at war with the Cold Blood gang for months now. A young memebr of the vermin named Shocka decorated his face with a white hand print and flew on the back of his bat easyread to the enemy camp. For this was the right of passage for the vermin, to capture an enemy's weapon and bring them back to the gang leader. This is part of the aniaml rider series, my old roommate asked me to make a character after him so here it is.


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Ian Topple 17 Jan 2006

Hey. I like the idea. looks like fun. The ne thing you should prob try to do more is fixing up your contrast. From far away its heard to tell everything is. The person and the bat kind of mesh together. OI think if you took some blacks from the background and put them in the bat and the person it would make a great difference. Your darkest dark is a dark grey and you use that same dark grey everywhere also. If you are doing this in pencil try a pencil with more lead. And think about what you want the viewer to see. I think if you made the bat slightly darker by the wing where he is next to then you would notice the guy more. Just don't make all your values about the same everywhere.

Christine brand 25 Oct 2005

Truly Excellent and impressive work...Fabulous details! Wow!

Renata Cavanaugh 28 Jul 2005

Really cool

Becky Burns 28 Jul 2005

riding a bat, good concept