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Mermaid Dress

... another "weird" dress. No shoes this time. Mermaids don't need them! :-) Copyright 2005 Sybille Sterk Tradigital Artwork

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Diana Hume 25 May 2005

Cool notion! Of course a fashionable mermaid would get tired of the same old garb!! This could be quite a series!

tim linville 24 May 2005

Nice design work,Sybille!Great tones!

Ella Tjader 24 May 2005

beautiful dress, i lovelittle stars, patterns and shells. Also I like slightly blurry look, Wonderful : -)

whitney goin 23 May 2005

very beautiful!!!

thea walstra 23 May 2005

Stunning, very cute and beautiful work. 10++