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This is the start of a new website that I am developing. Just a layout-not the actual site yet... This site will allow the customer to customize the site's colors to their liking... This is the color scheme I liked best.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Susan Epps 18 May 2005

Good user-friendly design, Clare!

Karen Corcoran 18 May 2005

Clare well done lay out... easy to follow

thea walstra 18 May 2005

Nice lay out

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 May 2005

What a wicked thing to do, Clare. I opened this before coffee this morning and tried signing on for five minutes. AND I DON'T SEW! LOL. OK, ..just kidding. Looks great. I like the font you picked for the name.

Maggi Carstairs 18 May 2005