...It was all just a lie

The phrases that appear on the pic come from "Angels", a marvellous song by Within Temptation. The lyrics made me think about Ginny being possessed by Tom Riddle. I find them quite twisted, dark and disturbing; in my mind they described what happens when someone is destroyed by blind love and confidence, or loves someone who is destructive.And all of this suggested me Ginny obsessively writing on Tom's diary, while he's whispering convincing words in her innocent ears. The butterfly and the text on the background are Photoshop brushes made by LadyVictoire ( http://ladyvictoire.deviantart.com ) and NoxiousStock ( http://noxiousstock.deviantart.com ). Tom's background eyes and Ginny were initially drawn with black pencil, and lately coloured and manipulated with Photoshop 7.0. Please FULL VIEW!

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Amanda Hodgson 27 Apr 2005

very nice image, the blood is kinda sad but you are very tallented

Leah Jaarveth 26 Apr 2005

wow.....very kool...

Maria Tornbak 24 Apr 2005

this one is VERY nice!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 24 Apr 2005

INTENSE! Excellent job!

Christine brand 23 Apr 2005

Frodo! I know that! emotional n expressive...Rats! to those Liars, they cause such havock...