Cat Magician

Puppet made from digital photograph of real cat, printed on fabric. You can't see his magic cape. Some think he looks like Puss-in-Boots. The real cat died, but his image lives on... I teach puppet making/performing workshops for gifted children and made this as a sample.


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ruth sears 03 Dec 2010

awesome and creative!

Emily Reed 16 Sep 2006

So very funny!!!

Tabitha Borges 08 Sep 2006

so cool I love this puppet...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 30 May 2006

what a gorgeous creation!!!!!!

Josh MacDonald 30 Apr 2006

Very cute. Nice work

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Sep 2005

well done!!!

Alex Preiss 18 Sep 2005

Very creative!.

william maldonado 07 Aug 2005

very cute.

Christine brand 24 Jul 2005

U r an amazing individual n most assuredly an insightful guide to those that need a gentle wise hand! I admire that! what wonderful therapy U give.... creating images to help your people heal!!!! May all the love n goodness return to U ten fold! CB

Terence Brockett 24 Jun 2005

hahaha, this is cute and funny, nice job

Diana Hume 12 Jun 2005

Photograph printed on fabric? Did you do that yourself? Special fabric? Need more details! This is fabulous!

Simon Pike 09 Apr 2005

yay! I wanna see his magic cape... ;_;

thea walstra 09 Apr 2005

A gorgeous puppet. I love also to create them