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chop wood, carry water

An experiment in working with stencils. I've created a patterned surface on mat board with gesso, a diagonal grain within, and the zig-zag pattern for the border. Then I've used graphite and charcoal rubbed into the border pattern, and stenciling the women progressively smaller and lighter to create a sense of the figure retreating. Charcoal on gesso is a messy business and cutting the very fine stencils was difficult. But the overall effect seems to have succeeded. If you look at it long enough the image appears to be in motion. I wished to keep it primitive to reflect the simple conditions under which a woman such as this exists, chop wood, carry water.


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Aleczandra Kulig 21 Feb 2005

Very creative drawing. Interesting use of a stencil. Would make a interesting looking stamp.

S Darbee 20 Feb 2005

super trippy

Christine Bennett 20 Feb 2005

The symmetry really makes this image.