I'm gearing up for my first ever 'studio tour' which is actually more a house tour since they are pretty much one and the same. I spent Sunday afternoon working on several canvas tote bags that I thought would be nice to offer as possible impulse buys. Unfortunately, I never know when to quit on these. Here are two of the four. The remaining two are variations of the Bird Yin Yang piece I'm putting down below as a detail shot. What do you think? They are 9 by 12 inch bags and I used acrylic with textile medium and gave them a quick ironing after I was finished. Would you buy 'em? How much is fair? Some more of that Original Jones Art from Austin, Texas, that rambling town.


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charles fraser 09 Apr 2018

Look great best of luck

Nikolay Semyonov 29 Mar 2018

looks especially great on canvas. perhaps you should consider using it

Artist Reply: I liked the sketch and this came out OK for a tote bag but I'm thinking of trying this again on a prepared canvas, Nikolay. The ones I didn't sell are hanging from the knobs on my bookcase in the living room presently. :)

John D Marano 13 Mar 2018

Looks great! The fabric of the tote makes the painting look like it has more texture