The Paris Cross

The Paris Cross is a prophetic call of a Nation and its capital, announcing John 3.16 How God loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. It brings to light the foolishness of the cross, but the wisdom of God to save the world he created from the power of Satan himself. Adam's sin brought death, but Christ death brought life to men again. The serpent legally stole the ownership by deception, and so God had to legally buy back the title deed to earth with the blood of the Lamb. The bible says, if Satan knew God's plan, he would never have crucified Christ. This is also why the religion of peace who calls Allah the greatest of deceivers refuse to acknowledge the death and resurrection of Christ. You cannot believe that Jesus is the Prophet Moses warned the people about and still reject his words of life. Moses said of Christ whoever refuses him will die. Because the words of Christ was not his own, but his Father's in heaven. SUNSHINEinPARIS.ORG

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