SO... What Do I Have Here Today ? by Nira Dabush |

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SO... What Do I Have Here Today ?

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No pets. No explanation.
Day 5
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marie-claire gallet 19 Nov 2017


yves colas 18 Nov 2017

great photo,mervelous studio. perfect place for doing excellent works.

Artist Reply: Dear Yves.. I used to paint on this table very many years, and it changed it was bigger in the past. Nowadays, I paint mostly in my studio, and doing digital and photography on this table. ( it is located in the living room of our apartment. Thanks for visiting.

Al Budarin 18 Nov 2017

This is your Art Studio,you spend your time here Creating the Wonderful Works of Artistry,,,your Craft from what I see that you are Depicting in The photo,also ,,,a beach at The Sea, very nice

Artist Reply: Hello Al... Thanks for visiting. Indeed it's my works of art,. that I enjoy doing. Yet it is not my studio, but my home.. At this table, nowadays there's a computer, which I hoped safe from others to see... But it seems it's not safe enough as I thought. Here I work mostly on digital and photography works... in the past, few years back I worked also here, In this photo, which was taken in colours in 2008. My paintings are painted more in my studio these days. KInd regards.

Joanie Holliday 18 Nov 2017


Artist Reply: Thanks, Joanie... Kind regards.