They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boat To Fol

This a painting of a first century Gallian Fishing boat, most likely the very type of boat used by Peter when He was called by Jesus to follow him. This illustration is part of a bigger of mural I am working on, about the ministry Of Jesus The Christ. If you notice the boat is beached facing backward, with the fishing Net coming from the back of the boat. This to signifies that Peter, like all the other apostle Except Mathew The Tax Collector, would drop their fishing occupation and follow Jesus, Who would make them fishermen of men’s souls. Here is a true about me as an Artist. Two parts of this painting gave me trouble in carrying out this illustration. The fist was illustrating the ropes of the rigging. My first attempt was horrendous, it took me second try to get it right. I had to look up pictures of ropes on the internet, to overcome this challenge. The second, was illustrating the rocks on the bottom of Sea of Galilee, and the reflection of the boat on the water. I must have made about 5 attempts until it finally clicked. Even when I kept looking at reflection of boats on water, I could not make the break through. In creating the kind of art that I do, it is very rare to find a model that meets all my requirement for what I am illustrating. So, it takes photos and imagination, and the grace of God to create an illustration that look better than a stick figure, and communicates the message intended. So I figure God has me go through these challenges to keep me humble, because without humility God is not able to use our talents for His glory. Written Stephen J. Vattimo October 12, 2017

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