Phoenix Rising

" Storyteller ~ Phoenix Rising " Model: Faestock Jessica Truscott Background created with various stock images from Pixabay and Graphicstock. — with Faestock Jessica Truscott.

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Thom Roslan 02 Jul 2017

You Are Really Working Girl..........Are you doing any painting or only digital ? God, I wish I could get out of this slump.......ever since my last festival in 2012 and I lost about 500 dollars on printing and gear for the's just been so hard to THINK creatively.......worse slump I've been in EVER ! Maybe also cause of the NEWS......I've been "prepping" since 2012..........not thinking creatively but more surviveily ........I don't know ?

Artist Reply: Hiya Thom, sorry to hear that you are having a slump... Right now I am only doing digital, but I do plan on paining soon again. You know, there are millions of people creating in digital now, I feel invisible... or even an outcast... Reception is very cold when it comes to group of digital artists @ FB , but I have decided that I am not going to follow them and do the same thing, but I am happier when I decided to do my own thing... my way, my style.. Shouldn't have left for eight years I suppose... cheers