Jeanette two weeks after being given four hours to live, saved by God!

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Raymond Ramirez 2 days ago

Very well done, what is the rest of the story behind this drawing? after being given 4 hours to live?

Artist Reply: Thank you Raymond for the compliment! The woman in the painting, Jeanette is my wife, she's very much alive today due to God saving her life after a frantic doctor shouted she had only 4 hours to live, tops! This due to internal bleeding stemming from a tubal pregnancy. The surgery took 2.5 hours and left no scar.
Artist Reply: Thank you for the compliment Raymond. The woman in the painting, Jeanette, my wife is very much alive. Her doctor shouted she had 4 hours to live, tops! She was bleeding internally due to a tubal pregnancy. The operation took 2.5 hours and she has no scar. The dotor who two weeks before had said it wasn't a tubal pregnancy was extremely nervous and visibly shaking. Without a doubt God saved her that day!
Artist Reply: Thank you Raymond! Jeanette is very much alive. My other attempts to answer your question never posted, apparently someone doesn't want the story told.

alan webb 7 days ago

Stunning portraiture......great capture. AlanW

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Alan. Living with her, married years now I always study her features, she's actually more beatutiful in person.

Tony Durrant 9 days ago

Excellent work.

Artist Reply: Greatly appreciated Tony!

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