Betty Boop & her motorcycle

Cassini Creations proudly presents ~ Betty Boop & her motorcycle . The 3D glass wall hanging measures 15" X 12 1/2" $575. My unique use of glass utilizes light refraction to add to the coming of life to the art piece. I will never create two of the same piece, making each one of a kind. Visit my entire collection of Gallery of Glass on Facebook, Cassini Creations. reations/ I have just started selling my collection as of November 2016. I have over 72 pieces in my gallery & I am creating daily. You can email me any questions on my Facebook page ... And sorry, no I do not do glass personal portraits. My gallery is presently in Casper, Wyoming and may be visited by appointment. Each piece arrives with a cleaning brush and a signed/dated certificate of authenticity. Each piece is signed LC (Linda Cassini) and marked with my thumbprint of blood for DNA verification for authenticity of a true Cassini Creation. Shipping / Insurance is included in the stated price. If you are not completely satisfied after purchase. Returns are available only by buyer paying shipping and same insurance to return PLUS original delivery shipping & insurance costs will be deducted from payment price. To purchase, you must have a PayPal account and be the first to email me of your intent to want to purchase. I will then send you a PayPal invoice. There is and will only be ONE of each creation.

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