Strength Within Beautiful Flowers Oil Abstract Can

Strength Within Beautiful Flowers Oil Abstract Paint On Canvas by William Zierfus. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so what story does this painting tell you? I see a woman who has inner beauty even though she may carry the burden of insecurities. I see hope within her eyes as she surrounds herself with flowers. These flowers are her shield, necessary to help her within today's society of harsh judgement. I see that she wants to be invisible at times, but without her shields, she is vulnerable to the world which is not by choice. Her color is red, which is also strength, and her flowers that seem so delicate are just a front for those who do not know how strong she really is inside. There are mysteries within her, so deep and secret, that she will never tell a soul except those she loves with her whole heart.

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Sharon De Vore 30 Dec 2016