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This is a colored pencil painting that I did based on a photograph of a still life that I put together. The idea formed in my mind because of materials of my wife's grandfather that we were given after his death many years ago. He served in World War I and his pocket watch is present in the painting along with the watch fob medallion and his glasses. The text component of the piece is taken from a small booklet that he received that had a list of the equipment he was issued, a list of his moving days, pay days, and a list of thirty "don't forgets". A small sample of these don't forgets are shown and represent the title of the piece. I felt that the piece needed a human touch and I placed a World War I soldier standing in a field of poppies. The soldier is not my wife's grandfather, but is an admirable stand-in. The date of arrival in France and the date that he left for the front do reflect the service of her grandfather. He did survive the war and lived well into his eighties. I hope that the piece is an appropriate tribute to his memory and to all those who served in the war that was supposed to end all wars. The painting is done on Dura-lar matte surface polyester film using Prismacolor Verithin and Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. The title is "Don't Forgets" and measures 8 inches X 12 inches.

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Boban Veljkovic 27 May 2016

Nice piece of work,interesting story and fine way of visual memory!

Artist Reply: Boban: thank you so much for such a nice comment about this piece. Have a very nice day. Best regards, Will

John Cappello 23 Feb 2016


Artist Reply: John: thank you for your gracious comment. This piece has some personal meaning to me, as it is based on my wife's grandfather's experience in WWI. We never seem to have learned how to avoid war, no matter how long ago or how recent the last one was! Thanks again and best regards, Will

Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 16 Feb 2016

This is an amazing piece of art, Will. I love the fact that you based on a real relative who fought in the WW-I and survived. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW-I and piece about the last air battle of the Red Baron's highlights memories of GPa Earlywine, flying bi-planes during the war, over in England, and coming home to join the Flying Circus, doing stunts like barnstorming,...due to the fact that the US Postal Service didn't need any more fliers. My best, Mark Kokopelli

Artist Reply: Mark: thank you so much for your very nice and interesting comments! Who would have guessed that we both have relatives, your grandfathers and in my case, my wife's grandfather, served in WWI and survived!? Amazing! I will look for your piece relating to the last battle of the Red Baron. Keep up your great work. Thanks again and best regards, Will.

Bonnie Haversat 24 Jan 2016

Very nice work Will. I enjoyed the story of inspiration for this piece.

Artist Reply: Bonnie: thanks so much. This was an enjoyable piece to do. The final effect that I was able to render by inserting images in an almost collage approach was quite satisfying. I'm pleased that you found the background story interesting. I was told by a friend who is a chemist that this war was referred to as "the chemists war". I'm assuming in reference to the wide use of poisonous gas.

Joanie Holliday 20 Jan 2016

Terrific! !! Wonderful memorial. Joanie

Artist Reply: Joanie: thanks so much for your nice comment. My wife's grandfather didn't talk much about his war experiences and about all we know is what we found listed in the little booklet that we discovered among his things. It was a war that was to end all wars, but obviously that did not happen. People in the world just can't seem to get along together, can they? Thanks again and have a great weekend. Best regards, Will