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Isadora, the Lava Queen

Isadora and her Pet

Isadora the Lava Queen & her standalone clothing set included is a " Terroriffic " texture for V4-A4-G4 and Elite Shapes by Amaranth

She is fit to rule any domain you should choose to place her but as a ruler in Hades or a volcanic scene is great.

She is wearing Katt's Funky Nykta (SAV's Nykta Hair) which can be worn by not only Generation 4 girls but also by K4 too!

Isadora's pet is a midnight_stories Beast of Babylon which comes complete with his wings, shape morphs and textures to mix or match.

The background is 2 backgrounds from NGArtPlay Designs her Exclusive Strange Land Background Set -- the castle scene and the magma scene were used together.
Then a little fire added from Amaranth's Elements of Nature: Fire, where you get 2 sets for the price of one and all are .png for easier manipulating.
All are a must have for your imagery creativeness!

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