Merlin's Revelation

Painting Completed 2015, Copyright Randy Fawcett


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Kelly Six 23 Mar 2018

Your art work is wonderful. This one is really great.

Elizabeth Grima 13 Feb 2018

Fantastic image!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Feb 2018

Thank you Ginger, well the story behind this images was that I wanted to depict that Merlin was just discovering the word of God (The Bible) for the first time and he was so surprised to find that the practice of magic was forbidden in the Bible, but was so happy to find the ultimate meaning of life and repented of his sin. So he stopped practiceing magic and lived happily ever after as a new child of God and the hope for everlasting life. Hope that helps to clarify story behind this image. Cheers :)

Ginger Olansen 10 Feb 2018

Rany fabulous! Looks as good as Disney's. So give us a story!!

Michelle Jacobcik 04 Oct 2015

Love Merlin's expression