Cloudy Day

I used a photo of my dog as reference. In actuality, he's white with brown spots but it's a little fun to try different things. Experiment, if you will.. I'm steering to a newer and perhaps better style in my traditional art and I'm feeling quite good about it :) I had the intention of portraying this dog relaxing under the clouds :) He really must be enjoying himself, with the sky so blue. You dont really see that anymore... blue skies. What I'd give to see that again.

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Tim Linville 07 Nov 2014

Incredible Eyes!Very Alive,and Individual!People from Big Cities Make Fun of Kansas.But...the Skies Are Blue.Most of the Time.Your Clouds Look Like the Clouds That Are Almost Always in Northern Missouri.I Used to Wonder...If We Dream of Another Place...Did We Have Part In It's Reality?If That Was You,Thanks for the Blue Skies Elise!Your Art Can Be Very Thought Provoking,and I Wish You Many Blue Skies in Return :)