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The Chamber

MEDIUM/GROUND: DaVinci Oil Paints, acrylic gel medium (as a glue), crushed garnet, emerald, and amethyst gem stones, also coal and charcoal pencil. 16"x20" stretched cotton canvas.

DESCRIPTION: "As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities."

- Voltaire

The chamber lies within the soul of all mankind. This piece shows an abstracted view into a gas chamber from the observation window above. Though constricted in view, it speaks on a macrocosmic scale, for such great acts of violence hold humanity trapped within a stagnant evolutionary chamber.


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monique cooper 01 Apr 2006

Very Powerful!!!!!.. Great work DearHeart!!!.. you sure got my attenchion!!!

Rob Cooper 30 Oct 2004

It's cool - I like it!

tim linville 24 Oct 2004

Creepy cool!Nice colors!