MG-B drawing

Hey everyone, this is my MG-B drawing that I made a few months back. It took me about 47 hours of work, done on A3 paper. Process video can be found here: h?v=5eDkP4S-s0I


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Mark Barnett 07 May 2016

Cool art. Even looks like Europe in the background.

Will Kirkland 24 Oct 2014

Laggy: what a fantastic piece! When I was a young man, my wife and I had a blue MG-B. What a fun car. Then we got pregnant and we moved up to a little bit larger car, a Firebird! Congratulations. If you have time, please stop by and view my portfolio of photorealistic colored pencil work. Best regards, Will

Artist Reply: Unfortunately I didn't get notifief of your message so I discovered it now, my apologies for that. Thank you very much I appreciate your compliment! Great to read you owned one as well, and the (Pontiac) Firebirds look fantastic as welll (The Pontiac is the only Firebird I know so if it's from another carmaker, sorry for my mistake). I took a look and your paintings look really cool, especially the environment ones catched my eyes at first glance :) Thumbs up Will!

John Cappello 17 Jan 2014

It is a pleasure to look at this Delightful MGB

Artist Reply: Hey thank you very much John! The owner of this car (and artwork) was really pleased with it so...satisfied customer = satisfied me^^