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Judges (The Weight of Your Heart)

Egyption book of the dead. These are my imaginings of the beings that judge the fitness of your spirit to reside in heaven based on the good works perfomed in life that determenine the weight of your heart. In Egypt the heart was the seat of the soul and those whose heart did'nt measure up had their hearts devoured by a monster and are killed causing them to suffer banishment from the relm of the afterlife.

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John Enright 13 Mar 2007

amazed by the intensity of your work. You dig deep into the darkest depths to haunt us with imagery that is obviously not the shallow and insipid drivel that dominates the internet. You really have something to say.

Christine brand 08 Aug 2005

Yikes! very expressively executed!! Hope they don't find me appetizing!!! I am beeeiiiiinnn as gooooddd as I can be, heart n soull, I hope!!! I try! Gives me the chills!!

James Taylor 19 Oct 2004

Powerful image, excellent work.

Andree Lerat 18 Oct 2004

There is a lesson to be learn in this image. Those who know who they are, should heed this warning.

Charles Oliver 17 Oct 2004

Very interesting work. Excellently styled.